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I'm a young filmmaker who does a lot of writing; but, unfortunately, I have limited resources and little patience for animation. I do pride myself in my screenwriting ability; though, so if you ever need someone to look at a script for you, I'm your man.

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Hey, all. As a writer with very little patience or talent for animation, but a professional training in screenwriting and film, I kinda wanna get a series going. Unfortunately, I have no money, so whoever is gonna animate it will have to do it pro-bono, pretty much someone who believes in the project enough that they'd do it in their spare time. I mean, the animator would upload it, and get any revenue from ads or whatever, but that's no different from the projects you do on your own anyways. I'm not asking for a huge talent, I don't expect huge talent. I'm not gonna bullshit you and say this'll get you lots of exposure that'll lead to other things. I mean, if I give you this script and you animate it, I'll probably give you more, and if I get money at some point in the future, I'll start paying you to do them, but any money you're gonna get from this is gonna be the ad revenue from this site or youtube or wherever you upload it. So if you get projects that pay, I encourage you to work on those first. I know I'm not selling this very well, but I don't like to bullshit people, so hopefully that counts for something. So, now that I'm done shooting down my own pitch, let me actually pitch my idea.

I've wanted to contribute to Newgrounds creatively for quite a while, so I've been wracking my brain for things that Newgrounds might accept from me. What am I best at that will contribute to this site? The answer is scripts. I've had formal training writing screenplays, I've had informal training. I consider myself a pretty good writer, especially in terms of dialogue and characters. I have a pretty good handle on those. And what I figure is the best way to combine my ability to write good characters and my interest in Mil/LEO stuff, is to do a little series of scripts following a SWAT team, seeing as I know enough about that stuff to write scripts about. Pretty much, on the surface, it would only follow the guys through the briefing, mission, and debriefing. It's kind of an experiment for me to see how much history one can portray through natural dialogue and voice direction.

As for animation goes, I'd hope I could entice someone with like interests in portraying the real world as well as possible, but I understand I'll have to take what I can get. I get kind of specific with certain things in the script, and I'll provide reference materials for all of it. I'll see about doing storyboards, that should help get things across. I'm kinda playing with the idea of emulating the cutscenes in Peace Walker, that kind of motion comic style, but I don't know.

Anyways, I'll provide the script and all the audio to whoever wants to do the animation. I'm not even closed to the idea of multiple animators wanting to take a stab at it and both uploading it, again, this is an "if you want to do it" thing, and pretty much an attempt to just get my writing out there. So I'm not gonna be too choosey. Whoever wants can message me and say they want to take a stab at it, and I'll pretty much give you the assets without question.

So, yeah. Anyone want to give it a shot?

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